Planning for End-of-Life: Your End-of-Life Checklist

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Making an End-of-Life Plan

End-of-life may be far off, but it’s important to make plans in advance so you are not forced to make decisions under duress.

You may have planned for your next meal or vacation, but have you made your end-of-life plan?

As a people, we are good at making plans. They can run the spectrum of big to small, significant to unimportant. They can range from plans for what we’ll do this weekend to what’s for dinner; plans for where to go to college and which career to choose to where we’ll live; plans from childbirth to who and what our children will become; plans from where we’ll vacation each year to who to invite to our holiday events.

As a people, we are good at making plans for our life, and horrible at making plans for our death. How is it that I spend two hours creating a grocery list and meal plan for the upcoming week, but shudder to think about spending twenty minutes to complete an advance directive?

Death is as certain as the sun rising, regardless of whether it occurs a few hours, years, or decades from now. In the words of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, “To be prepared is half the victory.” To help you be victorious in planning for the end of life, please see my suggestions as well as favorite resources below.

End-of-Life Planning Checklist

After reviewing these suggestions and resources, you may be more open and comfortable with taking the necessary steps to develop the most important plan of all: the plan of how you’ll live.

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