Online Funeral Planning: Top 3 Reasons to Plan a Funeral Online

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Funeral Planning Online

Save time and headache by planning a funeral online.

The benefits of online funeral planning

When a loved one dies, the pain is deep. It’s immeasurable. It’s all encompassing. So when it comes to funeral planning, we at eFuneral believe the process should be as easy, straightforward, and inexpensive as possible. And from our perspective, the traditional funeral planning process — visiting each of a dozen funeral homes in the area to learn about services, products, prices, and service quality — is absurd. So what’s the alternative? Making funeral arrangements online.

Why plan a funeral online?

Compare funeral homes quickly
By comparing funeral homes online, you can make decisions faster. With services like eFuneral’s free funeral home comparison tool, you don’t have to visit a dozen funeral homes to find out their prices, services, or service quality. Rather, you can read through ratings and reviews left by families who used the funeral home in the past and compare itemized funeral home prices.

Compare funeral homes without leaving your house
In the face of death, who wants to leave the house to run a bunch of errands? If you could make all the funeral arrangements from the comfort of your home, wouldn’t you?

Make funeral arrangements with no pressure from funeral directors
Even when funeral directors have the best of intentions, they can often make funeral planners feel like they are not doing enough to honor their deceased loved ones. For instance, many funeral directors show their most expensive caskets first, as if those are best. By planning a funeral online, you will not be subject to the pressure many feel when planning alongside a funeral director.

At the end of the day, whether you decide to plan a funeral online or not, it’s crucial that you understand your rights as a funeral planner as well as the jargon involved in making funeral arrangements.

Have questions about online funeral planning?

If you have any questions as you’re making online funeral arrangements, please don’t hesitate to contact any eFuneral team member. Each of us is here to guide you every step of the way. And in case you’re wondering, all of our services are free. We will never ask you for a penny!

Leah Yomtovian Roush is the Senior Manager of Strategic Development for Cleveland, Ohio-based eFuneral, a comprehensive and free online resource that enables those thinking about end-of-life to research, plan, and arrange a wide variety of funeral-related services. Leah is the editor of eFuneral's Online Resource Center, and she manages the company's marketing efforts and develops strategies for company growth. Leah also serves on the Boards of multiple non-profit organizations, helping them expand their reaches and increase their impacts.

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