The Cost of a Funeral: What Does a Funeral Service in Your Area Cost?

    October 19, 2012 0 Comments

Paying for a funeral serviceThe cost of a funeral, on average, now exceeds $8,500 — but what does a funeral service in your area cost?

Since we launched eFuneral earlier this year, we’ve received feedback from families regarding the questions they have when arranging a funeral service for a loved one. Two questions in particular continuously come up: how much does a funeral service cost and how does funeral home X’s prices compare to others in my neighborhood?

Introducing:  The eFuneral Price Index

In order to assist families in understanding the average prices associated with a funeral service, we surveyed more than 1,000 funeral homes in 11 metropolitan markets throughout the United States.  Based on that research, we created the eFuneral Price Index to act as a market-specific guide on funeral costs.  Over a dozen line item prices are covered — along with averages and ranges.  We’ll be discussing each of these reports in more depth in the future, but you can start downloading any of these reports right now – FREE!

eFuneral Price Index:  Greater Cleveland, OH

eFuneral Price Index:  Greater Columbus, OH

eFuneral Price Index:  Dayton and Miami Valley, OH

eFuneral Price Index:  Metro Detroit, MI

eFuneral Price Index:  Baltimore, MD + Washington, DC Metro Area

eFuneral Price Index:  Metro Atlanta, GA

eFuneral Price Index:  Dallas – Fort Worth, TX Metroplex

eFuneral Price Index:  Greater Houston, TX

eFuneral Price Index:  Metropolitan Miami, FL

eFuneral Price Index:  Tampa Bay, FL Area

eFuneral Price Index:  San Francisco Bay, CA Area

Mike Belsito is an Internet entrepreneur from Cleveland, Ohio with a background in product innovation, ideation, and startup business development. Mike is the Co-Founder of Cleveland-based eFuneral, a comprehensive and free online resource that enables those thinking about end-of-life to research, plan, and arrange a wide variety of funeral-related services. He also serves as an entrepreneur-in-residence for the City of Lakewood, Ohio — a 50,000+ residential community located in Northeast Ohio.

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