Don't Wait to Discuss End-of-Life With Your Loved One

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Discussing End-of-Life

It’s so important – don’t wait to discuss end-of-life with your loved one.

For years before the passing of my father, I tried unsuccessfully to have a conversation with my siblings about the medical and financial needs of our aging father. When in his seventies, our father began suffering from dementia and other medical complications.  Because of his failing health I felt I should initiate this conversation since I had an especially close relationship with him.  My siblings just flat out refused to have the crucial conversation – they didn’t want to talk about end-of-life with me, with each other, or with our father. They were simply too busy with their own lives, so we put off the crucial conversation.

Death and dying: Never easy to discuss but critical topics to address

Death and dying are never easy to discuss, nor are they happy subjects to talk about. Typically, people look to avoid those conversations, but all of us, including our loved ones, will die one day, so being prepared is key. So when it came to my own family, I wondered, why wait? Unfortunately, we did not have the important discussions – if we had had the uncomfortable conversations and completed some paperwork, my family members and I could have gone back to the routine of living our best lives, secure in the knowledge that our affairs were in order.

When a family works together as a team, caregiving is taken to a different level as far as preparing for the “IF” there is a sudden and unexpected emergency.  When families are prepared for end-of-life, it does not take away the pain of losing a loved one. But, it will allow the family to come together as one, supporting one another, promoting family pride, and honoring the legacy of a loved one.

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